Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, I've started a blog for my business, Details.  Also, I'm in the midst of starting a blog about learning to be Vegan.

Obviously, I've posted some blogs here that are about cooking or nutrition. But so many different subjects start to get things congested after time.  So, I'm think about breaking it down!  Stuff about justjenn, goes here.  Stuff about veganism, go there.  Details, over there. 

Things are great at the home front right now.  David and I are both little working machines and we're trying to stay strong.  It can be tough making time for each other in the midst of everything else.  David has his career, personal/free lance projects, friends, family, second job, his band.  That's a lot. 

Tonight may just be laundry night for me!  I cannot express enough how much I love to have a clean house, all messes put away, and all laundry and dishes done!  And when I say messes 'put away', I mean put where they belong and not just shoved in a closet!  Because then, when you open the closet you get to look at a messy gross pile of crap and realize that you're house only LOOKs tidy and that it's not really true!  It's a 'wanna-be' neat and clean!

Speaking of clean.  I love David, I love him more than anyone.  And I love my little 1br 1ba apartment.  HOWEVER, sharing a bathroom with a man is a lot trickier than just having your own.  Did you know, Blog, that if a man shaves his face you are left with all of these teeny, short, straight hairs all over your sink, faucet, and countertop?  Not only do you have to clean up more frequently, but those little suckers can be hard to get!

I'm ready for fall/winter.  You know, not summer/fall but fall/winter.  We've been keeping the windows open in our apartment all day and night.  It's been amazing.  I hate having the air conditioners blazzzzing...and we haven't had to have them blaze anymore.  Hooray!  Thank you God!  You are good!