Friday, May 15, 2009

Veganism is Me.

I need to keep up on this blog.  I spend so much time writing, working on Hello Veggie, and networking with me peeps that sometimes I forget my own personal outlet.

Someone very close to me recently checked this blog, my personal blog, and had an interesting comment.  They wanted to know why this one (too) is about food- or health.  They thought that Hello Veggie is where I talk about food/health/veganism and that this is where I just tell fun stories about my life.  Well, I gladly explained to her that my life IS about veganism.  It's not a diet, it's not my job.  It's what I care about, it's what I think about, it's what I consult people about.  It's who I am.  Veganism is not a diet for me, it is a lifestlye. It's not my religion, it's my lifestyle.  Which luckily, is hand in hand with my religion. 

You may not know what it means to have a vegan lifestyle, so I'll fill you in.  It means that I try my best to live by my deepest values of love, kindness, peace, gentleness, and caring.  It means that I do not want any living thing, who is able to suffer, to experience pain simply for my pleasure or enjoyment.  It means that I am conscience, daily, of the decisions I make and how they affect me, others, and all of Creation.

Sometimes I truly wonder what about that sounds so bad.  What is so unacceptable or obnoxious about not wanting to cause harm to an animal?  What is holier-than-thou about wanting to keep my body healthy? Really, it's nothing.   It can just makes others uncomfortable to think about having to give up something they want in order to not cause suffering in the world.  And unfortunately, many times people would rather say they don't care about suffering animals and unethical treatment in order to hold tight to their habits or lifestyle. 

Peace and Veggies,