Friday, May 15, 2009

Veganism is Me.

I need to keep up on this blog.  I spend so much time writing, working on Hello Veggie, and networking with me peeps that sometimes I forget my own personal outlet.

Someone very close to me recently checked this blog, my personal blog, and had an interesting comment.  They wanted to know why this one (too) is about food- or health.  They thought that Hello Veggie is where I talk about food/health/veganism and that this is where I just tell fun stories about my life.  Well, I gladly explained to her that my life IS about veganism.  It's not a diet, it's not my job.  It's what I care about, it's what I think about, it's what I consult people about.  It's who I am.  Veganism is not a diet for me, it is a lifestlye. It's not my religion, it's my lifestyle.  Which luckily, is hand in hand with my religion. 

You may not know what it means to have a vegan lifestyle, so I'll fill you in.  It means that I try my best to live by my deepest values of love, kindness, peace, gentleness, and caring.  It means that I do not want any living thing, who is able to suffer, to experience pain simply for my pleasure or enjoyment.  It means that I am conscience, daily, of the decisions I make and how they affect me, others, and all of Creation.

Sometimes I truly wonder what about that sounds so bad.  What is so unacceptable or obnoxious about not wanting to cause harm to an animal?  What is holier-than-thou about wanting to keep my body healthy? Really, it's nothing.   It can just makes others uncomfortable to think about having to give up something they want in order to not cause suffering in the world.  And unfortunately, many times people would rather say they don't care about suffering animals and unethical treatment in order to hold tight to their habits or lifestyle. 

Peace and Veggies, 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twonderful Twitterverse

I don't know if you're on Twitter yet, but I am and I adore the Twitterverse.  I adore all of my Tweeties (my followers).  I love Twitter because I have made many cyber pals, get lots of great information from those I am following, and I'm encouraged and inspired by the Twits in my network.  Is your Twitter experience the same?  Is your REAL LIFE experience the same? Is mine?

You see, it's easy for us to follow upbeat, inspiring, healthy, and fun people on Twitter.  I know it's easy for me, why wouldn't it be?  I love to be around healthy (mentally, emotionally, physically) and uplifting people.  During my adulthood I have come to realize that I have had too many attached relationships with people who are not healthy.  If someone is not mentally or emotionally stable, I do not need to be emotionally attached.  Because their instability can and will cause me to be hurt.  I am now smart enough to know better than to allow myself to not be vulnerable to such things.  

Accountability and partnership is a powerful thing.  I have sympathy for those who try to change lifestyle when they live alone and/or don't have anyone partnering up with them.  I am so lucky and fortunate to have D.  He is so open minded, kind, and caring that he was willing to go vegetarian with me.  He has made a lifestyle change with me.  I could have and would have done it alone if need be, but having a buddy is so helpful.

For anyone out there who is trying to get healthy (m,e, or p), who wants to change lifestyle, or who has surrounded themselves by the wrong people (on Twitter or in real life!) then know that I am here.  Hello Veggie is here.  Leave me comments on one of my site, drop me an email, or follow me on Twitter.  I love to chat and consult about all things healthy.  And do you know what, honey?  It isn't because I have an obsession, it isn't because I'm so good at it, it isn't because I like to take authority- it's because I truly believe and have a conviction that overall health is important.  If you don't have your health (m,e, or p), then truly, WHAT do you have?  If you don't have enough peace of mind to find joy and happiness in life, how can you appreciate anything?  If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or eating disorders, how much living are you missing out on?  If you're obese or headed towards disease, how are you and your loved ones going to feel when you're rushed to the emergency room at the age of 25, 35, 55, 65? 

All we can do is the best we can do.  That's all we can ask of ourselves to try our hardest.  Inhale hope, love, and provision- exhale love, courage, and strength.  

Peace and Veggies, 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Eating Hearty & Taking Control

Hello Lovelies!

  For the past 6 weeks I have had freakishly strong food cravings.  I haven't had a clue as to why I was having them until I read in one of my favorite books, The Food Doctor, that stress can cause food cravings.  I have definitely been stressed.  I think I've slept through the night 2 or 3 times in the past 6 weeks, I've endured two cold sores above 
my lip, and have had back pain.

  I let myself 'go' for a while while trying to deal with my stressors on my own by internalizing the stress.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I gave myself a good kick in the brussels and am getting myself on track.  I cannot always control the stressors in my life, but what I can control is how I respond.  So what did I prescribe myself?  More water+exercise+yoga+meditation+prayer.  So far, it's been working.  I've been feeling better mentally, emotionally, and physically.  I haven't been sleeping through the night every night but I do feel the like quality of sleep I have been getting is better than it has been.

 I'm trying to control my food cravings more.  I never got to where I was super over-eating.  But I did spend way to much money eating out! 'I need sushi, right NOW. Let's go!'.  Yeah, one night it's sushi, the next it's fajitas, then burritos, then veggie 
burgers.  My cravings left me with less money in the bank and less recipes to post on Hello Veggie. Uh oh!  So, now I'm getting myself back on track.  The fajita recipe I came up with is just as good as a restaurant, I'm getting back to making sushi from scratch again, and just last night I made some awesome Homestyle Biscuits.  I may not be able to stop the cravings but I do need to plan ahead and make the tasty foods I want at home. Every. Single. Day. That's the goal! 
Here I am, quenching my craving for a 'sausage' biscuit with ketchup.  It was a good morning. I had two. 

 But what are your goals?  Do you need to lose weight?  Exercise? Or just mark 'all of the above' and give yourself a kick in the brussels to start getting healthy? Are you bold enough to set a goal for yourself.....and are you even bold enough to share it here?  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Other Half

When most people think of what a person does to be 'healthy' they think two things; Diet and Exercise.  Well, for nearly the past year of my life I've been focussing on and learning the ropes on the first half of that equation, Diet.  I've lost 10 effortless pounds since changing my diet and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I was never trying to lose weight. I didn't need to lose weight.  But it's amazing the extra bulk a little body can have that it doesn't need or want.  

Since I've been on and off little wanna be diets since I was in 5th grade, it certainly is nice to finally understand the essence of what living a lifestyle of healthy eating truly means.  I don't eat any animal products.  I still eat sweets, still drink a beer when I want one, and I never count calories or feel guilty after an indulgence.  The best part?  I eat whatever I want and more than I ever have and I get incredible perks like losing weight, having more energy, no longer suffering from IBS daily, and being practically kaput with anxiety.  You can have that too, but you have to eat your  way there.

Since I'm feeling pretty good about my nutritional state and goals I decided it was time to firm up my little self.  After all, what's so great about being skinny and squishy?  I've never been a fan of working out all of the time.  And I've never had the discipline for it.  But that's the beauty of the road I've traveled.  After giving up MEAT, ICE CREAM as I knew it, and CHEESE I have clearly demonstrated to myself that I CAN DO IT. I have the self discipline and determination to do whatever I damn well please.  I've shown myself that through my drastic change in diet.  And it is EMPOWERING.  I am empowered.  

So, in order to keep myself from being a health hypocrite and, of course, for the sake of my own physical and mental well being I have started exercising.  Every day.  So far I've been walking, jogging, doing beginners yoga, and some brief glimpses of pilates.  I'm only a couple of weeks in and am taking it slow.  I'm proud of myself for being active one way or another every day.  It feels good and I've experienced physical benefits already.  In addition to exercising I've been laying off caffeine and seriously upping my intake of water.  Water is great for losing fat and not overeating.  So far I can really tell it's helped me poop every day.  Pooping 1-3 times a day is super health ( 1 being OK and 3 being Fab!) and I like to hit a once a day minimum.  

The Twittersphere has been rocking my world lately and I'm loving meeting so many radical peeps. 

Peace and Veggies, 

Monday, February 16, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted on this sucker.  Mostly because I've been busy doing better things and haven't had the need.  I've been expressing myself in many other creative outlets which I believe is a very important thing. 

  This has been my first year (almost a year) of being completely 'on my own' from my family of origin.  Thank God.  Relying on my family has been something I've been resentful of in the past for a variety of reasons.  Because I would be guilted over financial dependence and would not be empowered or encouraged to do anything about it.

  I do not think that ANY young adult should be completely financially dependent on their family.  I don't care if they're in college or not.  I think it is the PARENTS responsibility to teach (via personal experience and example) their kids how to live on their own.  If a parent feels their child is taking advantage of what they're given, that is the fault of the parent.  

  I have also come to learn a lot about non-family relationships.  And thank God because I surely had it WRONG before.   I am not a people pleaser.  I am a thinker, who is judging on what I think is right and wrong and there is nothing wrong with that.

  Some people are more emotional than logical, some people sense things out instead of being intuitive, and so forth.  Well, I am a very 'what you see is what you get' kind of person.  And that is what I expect from other people.  If someone isn't like that, then likely I won't like them.
There's nothing wrong with that and it doesn't make me wrong and them right or me right and them wrong.  It's just a difference of personalities.

 Well, the difference in me now and me how I used to be is that I'm not afraid to see things how they are.  Before I would deny how people truly were.  I would have an instinct or knowing that someone was not acting the way I thought was right and instead of putting 2+2 together to = 4, I would be in denial over it.

  Bottom line, if you have a friend who repeatedly screws you over they are not a good friend and maybe not a good person.  If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who takes advantage of you in ANY way, it's not because they haven't learned certain life lessons.  It's not because they didn't realize they hurt you.  It's not because it was an accident.  If you are friend with someone or in a relationship with someone who treats ANYONE poorly at any time and isn't repentant about it, they are not who you need to associate with. 

 Before, I have had an eerie desire to make people want to be my friend.  I didn't want to cut people out.  I was thinking "forgiveness", "patience", "acceptance", "loyalty".  And do you know what 5+ years of that has got me?  Honestly, I'm being serious.  It has gotten me way too many scars from putting myself on the line (emotionally, socially) for people who are NOT worth it.
If you don't have a 100% 2 way street kind of relationship with someone then it's not the kind you should value highly.  Do not have expectations on people who have proven to you they do not deserve your high expectations.

  If someone lets you down, plan on them letting you down until proven otherwise.  Don't think that all of the sudden they will be a gem when they have changed zero.  Someone not wanting to be best friends with you is not necessarily a reflection of you and what you have to offer.  Some people just do not want it.

 Some people do not search for friends with openness, honesty, character, commitment, emotional depth, who are fun, smart, etc etc etc.  Some people do not seek out those characteristics.  And if you DO seek out those characteristics, you can't MAKE someone fit that mold.  Believe me, I've tried.  I've told myself for years that someone was a 'friend' and it is absolutely not true.  They possess 10%, at best, of the qualities of a friend that I want. 

  And the good news is this, we all have the ability to chose.  We don't have to be friends with someone just because we lived with them in college, were close for one year, knew them for 10 years, are their oldest friend, or because they need you.  Like all things in life, we get to choose.
Choose who builds you up, who gives to you, who is reliable,  and who is genuinely interested in your life and in what's important to you.

  You can easily choose wrong, get attached to a person who is wrong for you, and feel left with nothing when the wrong situation pans out in a wrong way.  And like I said, you end up feeling left with nothing.  And the bottom line is what you were settling for 'nothing' in the first place.