Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twonderful Twitterverse

I don't know if you're on Twitter yet, but I am and I adore the Twitterverse.  I adore all of my Tweeties (my followers).  I love Twitter because I have made many cyber pals, get lots of great information from those I am following, and I'm encouraged and inspired by the Twits in my network.  Is your Twitter experience the same?  Is your REAL LIFE experience the same? Is mine?

You see, it's easy for us to follow upbeat, inspiring, healthy, and fun people on Twitter.  I know it's easy for me, why wouldn't it be?  I love to be around healthy (mentally, emotionally, physically) and uplifting people.  During my adulthood I have come to realize that I have had too many attached relationships with people who are not healthy.  If someone is not mentally or emotionally stable, I do not need to be emotionally attached.  Because their instability can and will cause me to be hurt.  I am now smart enough to know better than to allow myself to not be vulnerable to such things.  

Accountability and partnership is a powerful thing.  I have sympathy for those who try to change lifestyle when they live alone and/or don't have anyone partnering up with them.  I am so lucky and fortunate to have D.  He is so open minded, kind, and caring that he was willing to go vegetarian with me.  He has made a lifestyle change with me.  I could have and would have done it alone if need be, but having a buddy is so helpful.

For anyone out there who is trying to get healthy (m,e, or p), who wants to change lifestyle, or who has surrounded themselves by the wrong people (on Twitter or in real life!) then know that I am here.  Hello Veggie is here.  Leave me comments on one of my site, drop me an email, or follow me on Twitter.  I love to chat and consult about all things healthy.  And do you know what, honey?  It isn't because I have an obsession, it isn't because I'm so good at it, it isn't because I like to take authority- it's because I truly believe and have a conviction that overall health is important.  If you don't have your health (m,e, or p), then truly, WHAT do you have?  If you don't have enough peace of mind to find joy and happiness in life, how can you appreciate anything?  If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or eating disorders, how much living are you missing out on?  If you're obese or headed towards disease, how are you and your loved ones going to feel when you're rushed to the emergency room at the age of 25, 35, 55, 65? 

All we can do is the best we can do.  That's all we can ask of ourselves to try our hardest.  Inhale hope, love, and provision- exhale love, courage, and strength.  

Peace and Veggies, 

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