Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Other Half

When most people think of what a person does to be 'healthy' they think two things; Diet and Exercise.  Well, for nearly the past year of my life I've been focussing on and learning the ropes on the first half of that equation, Diet.  I've lost 10 effortless pounds since changing my diet and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I was never trying to lose weight. I didn't need to lose weight.  But it's amazing the extra bulk a little body can have that it doesn't need or want.  

Since I've been on and off little wanna be diets since I was in 5th grade, it certainly is nice to finally understand the essence of what living a lifestyle of healthy eating truly means.  I don't eat any animal products.  I still eat sweets, still drink a beer when I want one, and I never count calories or feel guilty after an indulgence.  The best part?  I eat whatever I want and more than I ever have and I get incredible perks like losing weight, having more energy, no longer suffering from IBS daily, and being practically kaput with anxiety.  You can have that too, but you have to eat your  way there.

Since I'm feeling pretty good about my nutritional state and goals I decided it was time to firm up my little self.  After all, what's so great about being skinny and squishy?  I've never been a fan of working out all of the time.  And I've never had the discipline for it.  But that's the beauty of the road I've traveled.  After giving up MEAT, ICE CREAM as I knew it, and CHEESE I have clearly demonstrated to myself that I CAN DO IT. I have the self discipline and determination to do whatever I damn well please.  I've shown myself that through my drastic change in diet.  And it is EMPOWERING.  I am empowered.  

So, in order to keep myself from being a health hypocrite and, of course, for the sake of my own physical and mental well being I have started exercising.  Every day.  So far I've been walking, jogging, doing beginners yoga, and some brief glimpses of pilates.  I'm only a couple of weeks in and am taking it slow.  I'm proud of myself for being active one way or another every day.  It feels good and I've experienced physical benefits already.  In addition to exercising I've been laying off caffeine and seriously upping my intake of water.  Water is great for losing fat and not overeating.  So far I can really tell it's helped me poop every day.  Pooping 1-3 times a day is super health ( 1 being OK and 3 being Fab!) and I like to hit a once a day minimum.  

The Twittersphere has been rocking my world lately and I'm loving meeting so many radical peeps. 

Peace and Veggies, 

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