Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Why buy a bag of Pita Chips when you can make your own, pay less, and get more?
I love eating guac. and salsa, but I hate eating too many corn chips (with it) and getting that 'ew, full, i just ate too much junk food' feeling after I'm done with my would have been healthy snack.

SO, I like to eat my dips with whole wheat pita chips. And when I make them, I can flavor them as I like!

Take one bag of pita bread (1.99$) and take out three of six pita breads in the bag. Cut the three pita breads in half, length wise. Now you have 6 halves. Cut each half stack of three into fourths (triangles) and you now have 24 triangles. As we all know, Pita Bread is 'pouch style', which basically mean that each triangle has two sides to it. So, tear each triangle into two seperate triangles. You know have 48 pita chips! I DOUBT a $2.99 or $3.99 bag of Pita Chips has 48 chips.

Lay your 48 pieces of pita bread on two baking sheets. You don't want to over crown one sheet because having a little bit of space between them helps them to crisp.

Put a light layer of olive oil on each piece. Now, this is the best part! You can season your chips however you want! If you're doing them with a dip, you can leave them plain. If you're having them with a soup or with another main dish, you can give them a little spice or herbs. Whatever works!

I prefer doing one baking sheet of chips with only olive oil and sea salt (to keep them plain). I like to make the other sheet full of chips a little more tasty! Combine, in a small prep bowl, some onion powder, garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper, lemon juice of about half a lemon or less, and some fresh basil, chopped. Mix this up into a gritty little paste. Spread a dallop on each chip. Some can be more and some can be less. This makes for a tasty tasty treat! You can easily omit the lemon and basil and stick to dry seasonings.

You may have 48 chips, but they'll go fast! You'll be using that other half of the pita bread pack before you know it!



Two nights ago I tried a Black Bean Burger recipe and also made some sweet potatoe fries.
The sweet potatoe fries were delicious, but not as crisp as I would like. If only I had a pizza stone to cook them on...the crisping part would be so much easier.

The black bean burgers...well. They were OK as far as taste goes. But they weren't that great to eat. I used bread crumbs in them- perhaps I used too fine of crumbs or I used too many. BUT, the patties had a chalky or sandy type of texture to them as I chewed it. This was not enjoyable.
I ate it, I got through it, I'm even eating the leftovers today for lunch. I will admit though, it was somewhat of a last resort.

Next time, I'm going to try using rice or perhaps rolled oats with my veggie burgers. I'll post the results.

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