Friday, September 19, 2008

Who am I? What do I DO?

This year I've gotten married, moved to a new city and state leaving all family behind, gotten my first fulltime job, quit my first fulltime job, gotten my second fulltime job, and have overall been in a beautiful position of growth and transition. I don't feel like paragraphs, I feel like lists:

2008 Hobbies: 2008 Top Interests: 2008 Top 5 Ways Life has Changed:
Jewelry Politics Marriage
Business Development Health Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle
Researching Interests Finances Nashville
Cooking Friends Work
Organizing HUSBAND (#1) Blonde Hair, again

2008 Top 5 Goals: 2008 Top 5 Achievements:
Paying off ALL debt Financial indepedence from my parents! glorious.
Making a habbit out of Yoga Getting professional help with my anxiety problems
Saving money for Hap ki Do for '09 Moving Forward
No longer being a hypochondriac. sp? Remaining Ambitious
Growing my business
Finding a Church

2008 Top 5 Favorite Things to Do:
Taking walks- in the park, through the city, whichever!
Being cozy.
Drinking hot beverages.
Buying furniture.

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